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The rookie's guide to curling on PEI

Ask about PEI's Rookie Deal CURLING — also called "The Roaring Game" — is admittedly a unique sport which resembles a hybrid of frozen shuffleboard and power sweeping. But no matter the age or skill level, curling is the perfect activity for friends, family, and co-workers to enjoy an hour or two of fun and yelling at the top of their lungs.

Curling is not just for competitive curlers. It's a fantastic
recreational sport that keeps you active the entire game.
Once you spend a game sliding and sweeping around, we're
pretty sure you'll be hooked.

Come on out to rock the ice with us!

Highlighted Events

Maple Leaf Curling Club - Ladies Night
If you have always wanted to learn how to curl OR maybe you have not curled in years and want to get back into it NOW IS THE TIME...

Silver Fox Drop In Nights
Instead of curling up on the Couch on Wednesday nights this winter...why not give Curling a try at the SIlver FOx Curling & Yacht Club in Summerside!

Visually Impaired/Blind and Wheelchair Curling @ Cornwall Curling Club
ParaSport and Recreation PEI will be running Visually Impaired/Blind, and Wheelchair curling at the Cornwall Curling Club, on Thursday evenings from 8-10 pm.

The Two Minute Guide To Curling